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OWL bKind_forever-01

When we asked “WHOOOO is Kind?”

you said “OWL SHARE!”

We thank you so much for showing you care


Feeding your Owl doesn’t take much

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.16.33 AMa nickel for breakfast, some pennies for lunch

They do like snacks from time to time

How ‘bout some quarters, or maybe a dime


Spare change for Kindness, a little goes far

your part of the team, you are a Kind STAR!

Every bit helps, no matter the amount

When it comes to Kindness WE ALL COUNT

Everyone wants to Make a Difference!  This is your chance…  Stop by the Josh Stevens Foundation office and pick out your 5″ tall ceramic owl bank, fill it with change throughout the year, and empty their tummy at the end of the year.  Each of our 300 owls hatched on October 5th, Joshi’s Birthday, with 300 individual names.  Each Owl baby comes in their sleeping nest for rest, an adoption photo, and an individual Hatching (Birth) Certificate to celebrate their big day.  Your change will help us to change the world to a Kinder one, one school at a time.  It is our goal in 2014/2015 to sponsor our Kindness programming in 100 schools across the country and you can help us to encourage more Kindness, more often on our school campuses.  Adopt one owl in your family or multiple owls; there is NO COST for the owls, just feed them well so that all our Owls can meet their goal!

As a new Parent of an Owl, we’ll be keep in touch with you with fun activities for you and you new baby to join in on, updates on Owl babies across the world, and planned events for Owls to Share and touch base with their sibling Owls.  If your Owl’s belly gets too full, you can stop by our office anytime for a careful emptying.  We hope Owls are fed well all year long, no keeping those full tummies from eating more!  While your Owl is with us for their emptying, you’ll have time to check out new merchandise and enjoy a 20% discount on all Be Kind… like Josh gear.

We encourage you to have fun with your Owl baby over the next year; send us pictures of trips with your Owl, dress up your Owl for Holidays and special occasions, encourage giving at your office with fun emails to co-workers reminding them of the importance of daily feeding times, help kids with a fun understanding of philanthropy through taking care of their Owls, and anything else fun you can think of for your Owl to Share.  While encouraging others to feed your Owl, you are also sharing the mission of the Josh Stevens Foundation and others will enjoy spreading Kindness as much as you do! 

We will be celebrating the hard work of our Owls through annual awards given for the Most Creative Owl/Parent Team and for the Highest Fundraising Owl/Parent Team.  Each time your Owl Buddy is emptied, while you shop, we’ll track your Owl’s progress and update the order of the most nourished to the most hungry.


Here is how much our Kind Owl friends have been fed so far…

Hugh:         $80.43

Thelma:      $82.81

Pudge:         $51.20

Myles:          $48.30

Dudley:      $82.31

Weldon:     $31.04

Sam:           $50.51

Mable:        $26.20

Eudora:      $22.16

Potter:        $42.59

Grady:        $  6.43

Ewell:         $63.33

Ophelia:     $46.66

Libby:         $  5.82

Bessie:        $  5.78

Elbert:        $16.38

Thomas:     $125.00

Violet:         $125.00

Snow:          $125.00

Huey:          $125.00

Perry:          $24.89

TNT:            $52.71

Milburn:     $28.75

Oscar:         $36.24

Ida:             $  9.52

Weldon:     $22.75

Buttons:     $34.63

Bob:            $30.00

Merton:     $23.48

Hoodini:   $19.84

Bertie:       $12.18

Mack:        $10.00

Gizmo:      $12.97

Norbert:   $24.65

Oliver:      $11.07

Merle:      $8.68

Myrtle:     $56.71

 Percy:      $20.62