A family’s loss inspires inspirational foundation that celebrates the genuine kindness that is born in the hearts of children

Las Vegas, NV— In 2008, the lives of a family living in Henderson, Nev., were shattered when a young family member was killed in a tragic accident near their loving home. Josh Stevens was one-month shy of his 13th birthday when he passed, but his legacy of kindness is shining brightly through the efforts of the Josh Stevens Foundation, an organization developed by his family and friends to recognize and reward a child’s heartfelt kind acts, and to inspire more children to be more kind, more often.

“My son always was doing kind things for people,” Drew Stevens said. “My hope is that the memory of my son’s caring nature inspires other people to really understand and appreciate the gift of kindness that is born within the heart of a child. And what we are seeing now is that a kindness revolution has begun, and in these challenging times, a simple act of kindness will go a long way in making things better. We believe that nourishing the kindness in just one child at a time will inspire kind acts by others. This will create a ripple effect of kindness which will spread in our community as well as others.”

To recognize acts of kindness by children wherever they happen, the foundation and its supporters have created “You’ve Been Caught Being Kind” gift cards which are given out, randomly, to caring kids who have been spotted doing kind things, no matter where or when. The Foundation has created partnerships with local little leagues and schools, including Bob Miller Middle School, where the young Stevens was a student. Teachers at the school have embraced the program and actively give out the awards. They have seen what the seemingly small act of kindness can do to transform the life of child, including in one special case of a special needs child.

“One day, a very surprised bus driver of the special needs bus walked into the office and told a touching story about how one of these so-called ‘forgotten’ kids had just displayed the most amazing act of kindness,” recounted Drew Stevens. “The student had leapt up from his seat and quickly fastened the latch to the back door where the kids in wheel chairs entered and exited the bus after seeing the driver had forgotten to do so. He then told the bus driver about what he did, and the driver was very thankful because if he hadn’t locked the door, there might have been a different outcome. The driver was amazed at the act, and the teachers immediately knew how to recognize this child, making him a hero for a day at Bob Miller, a chance that these kids rarely, if ever, have.”

Business owners have jumped at the chance to give the Kind Kids free offers, including Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, UNLV Athletics, and Crazy Pita. The cards also include a special shoelace to remember Josh and his kindness, plus his story in addition to inspirational kindness poems and quotes. The Foundation will eagerly supply “You’ve Been Caught Being Kind” gift cards to all interested organizations. Organization leaders are urged to call or email the Foundation.

Josh’s story

Have you ever seen a catcher call a time out to encourage and calm down his pitcher? Have you ever told a player on your own team “It’s OK you struck out; you’ll get ‘em next time”. Have you ever held the mall door open for people pouring inside, just because? Have you ever carried someone’s bags to their car because you saw they needed help?

These things, and many more, were the everyday, ordinary types of kindness that Josh Stevens naturally displayed, thus brightening the moment for countless people. It wasn’t because he as asked to, or that he thought someone was watching, or that he wanted something in return … it was because Josh was just kind. And that Kindness was felt by his family, friends, and very often, perfect strangers. The Josh Stevens Foundation was created to honor his life and to inspire kindness all over the world.

About the Josh Stevens Foundation

The mission of the Josh Stevens Foundation To Recognize and Reward a Child’s Heartfelt Kind Acts, and to Inspire More Children to be More Kind, More Often. The Foundation is encouraging a Kindness Revolution in schools, churches, community events, and any other groups that would like to be involved in this Kindness Campaign. A uniquely packaged Kindness Revolution that we hope spreads everywhere. Please inquire for more details.

First Official Press Release of the Josh Stevens Foundation

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