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The Josh Stevens Foundation was inspired by Josh Stevens who passed away at the young age of 12 years old and the Foundation was created to honor his life and his kindness.

The Spring Initiative for The Josh Stevens Foundation’s “Take 5 to BE KIND” program is meaningful to the family. The program inspires kids – and everyone – to do something especially kind for another person on the 5th of every month. The foundation stresses the 5th because Josh was born on October 5.

For some examples of especially kind acts, the Josh Stevens Foundation suggests surprising needy families, helping pay for layaway gifts at retail stores, donating money to feed hungry children, supporting grieving families and much more.

The Josh Stevens Foundation has compiled a great list of monthly acts of kindness: (July – January Acts to follow…)


  • National Card and Letter Writing Month: Write letters to a nearby nursing home center. Send cards that either tell stories or simply say “hello.” Or instead of texting thanks, put it into a handwritten card.
  • National One-Day Without Shoes Month: Organize a shoe drive. Ask neighbors and friends to donate shoes and bring them to a local shelter.
  • National Grilled Cheese Month: Cook grilled cheese sandwiches with friends and invite neighbors over.


  • National Military Appreciation Month: Create care packages to send overseas to the ladies and gentlemen fighting for the country.
  • National Smile Month: Make an extra effort to smile as much as possible on this day.
  • National Hamburger Month: Bring a neighbor a hamburger or buy one for a homeless person.


  • Honor and Recognize a Senior Citizen: Take time this month to recognize a senior citizen in the community. Help them plant a garden, bring them their mail, or cookies, or iced tea. Ask them if they want to go to lunch or go for a walk.
  • National Candy Month: Bring a friend, neighbor, mailman, senior citizen some fun candy… some of Josh’s favorites were peanut butter cups and lemon drops. 
Suggest more especially kind acts by visiting the Josh Stevens Foundation FaceBook Page. We appreciate your suggestions to spread Kindness.

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