This student was awarded a “Be Kind” t-shirt; this event happened on the first day of school.  Her teacher, Mr. Whitley was telling his class about himself.  He has a couple of medical issues that he tells the kids about in case he is having trouble in the class.  With that, he makes a math problem out of the cost of his medications.  He finished by breaking it down to the cost of each pill that is $5.00 each.  His class left as did he.

When he came back he saw a $5.00 bill on his desk with a sticky note that said “for a pill”.  No name or anything.  He was finally able to track her down, and she shyly admitted that she was the one who left it.

He, of course, is framing the $5.00 bill for his classroom wall.

Julia Bush, School Counselor

Burkholder Middle School

Burkholder MS Testimonial

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