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“His smile was kind of like his disability…

you never saw him without it!”

These are the words of one of Josh’s best friends as he stood up and spoke about the great friendship they had at Josh’s memorial service. Josh was a unique spirit – full of life, with a heart as big as a lion and enough love to share with everyone he encountered. One month before Josh’s 13th birthday, he lost his life in tragic accident. His time on Earth was much too short, but his kind heart and spirit will live forever. Josh was known for his unique brand of kindness. His legacy continues to inspire. The Josh Stevens Foundation was created to honor his life and the example he set for us all to follow.


“I am – Josh”…a poem by Josh Stevens

I am – Josh
I am Athletic – like a precise machine, running smoothly and efficiently.
I am Competitive – like the sun, fighting to shine through the clouds on a cloudy day.
I am Fun Loving– like a circus star, wanting to give joy to others.
I am Kind Hearted– like a favorite family pet, wanting to give love to all
I am Persistent– like a skilled quarterback, never giving up till the ball scores.
I am Obedient– like an athlete responding to his coach.
I am Respectful– like a player accepting of the ref’s call.
I am Beautiful– like a gem stone, with beauty for all to see.
~ Josh Stevens