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Be Kind… like Josh School Sponsorship:

The Josh Stevens Foundation Be Kind… like Josh School program’s Net Zero cost is based on parent participation in the program through purchasing customized Be Kind… like Josh school shirts.  Typically, schools purchase the program package for $1500 which includes 150 t-shirts.  In turn, participating schools sell their school shirts to students for $10/shirt.  This donation from parents, on a per shirt basis, allows the school to cover 100% of their cost to participate in the program.

We understand that due to the socioeconomic status of some schools, parents may not be in a financial position to purchase shirts from the program for $10.  Therefore, we offer a partial or full sponsorship for   schools on a case-by-case basis.  To apply, please send us a min. 500 word essay and be sure to cover the following discussion points:

  • Is your school a current Title I classified school?
  • Why does your school need more Kindness?
  • Why can’t the parents of your student body financially support the program?
  • If you were to be awarded a partial scholarship, could you still implement the program?

The Josh Stevens Foundation Board meetings quarterly to review applications for sponsorship.

Please submit your application to our Executive Director via email at


in standard MS Word format.